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Simple Scheduling and Communication For Senior Living Facilities

Instant Nurse is an affordable scheduling and communication solution for residential, smaller, and mid-size senior living facilities. From creating simple schedules to efficient one-way family and team messaging, Instant Nurse offers you the best solution to streamline your senior living's operations.


Click & assign shifts, manage swaps, or add vacation days to the calendar


Send open shifts directly to staff cell phones, that auto-close upon acceptance


Direct shift opportunities to underutilized staff and those with less than 40 hours


Instantly send important announcements to select groups or your entire team, as well as one-way messages to family members

A Scheduling Software Designed for Small and Medium Senior Living Facilities

We’ve taken the time to speak with hundreds of Senior Living Facilities across the country to learn more about staff scheduling. It’s frustrating, it causes confusion, it's error-prone, and if not done efficiently, it can end up costing thousands of dollars in unnecessary labor costs.

Other scheduling and communication solutions can be confusing and overwhelm you with unnecessary features. At Instant Nurse, our scheduling software for senior living and long-term care facilities was designed to provide you with the exact, easy-to-use features needed to create schedules faster, more efficiently and help reduce monthly overtime costs. We’ll remove the typical challenges of staff scheduling so that you can spend more time on your passion… happy residents and happy employees. Our simplified text messaging solution helps you to instantly reach the families of your residents or your staff with important announcements, or routine community news and events.

Scheduling Functionality That Solves Your Problems

Chasing down staff?… Juggling phone calls, texts, and postings? Tired of the back and forth on group texts?… Ever have those difficult to fill open shifts? Let our Online Shift Scheduling Calendar do the work for you!

Simply click and send open shifts directly to the cell phones of those on your team who are qualified to fill them. As soon as the first person accepts an opening, it will auto-close the shift on the schedule. And with built-in parameters for financial efficiency, you can instantly direct those open shift opportunities to the lowest cost options.

What People Are Saying

"It’s so difficult to find and retain good schedulers and staff. I need simple solutions like this that help them be more efficient and make their work more enjoyable.” ~ Jennifer T.

"Adding a basic online program that helps us schedule smarter and chip away at overtime spending is a no-brainer for my building" ~ Angela C.

"...just having the ability to instantly send out my open shifts for the week to the right folks and have it all show up on the schedule is priceless!" ~ Raymond C.

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