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3 Ways to Simplify Your Senior Living Facility’s Scheduling

3 ways

If we’ve heard it once we’ve heard it a thousand times. Hands down one of the biggest time sucks that senior living leaders talk about is scheduling. From call-offs to out of control overtime to blocks of time that need to be filled, you can easily spend hours or days getting a schedule put together.

And the time you put into scheduling, while worthwhile, might be better spent taking care of your employees. Whether you’re investing in them professionally or simply building relationships, scheduling shouldn’t take away from the culture of your facility.

But it so often does. Simplifying your scheduling doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, by focusing on a few key points you can simplify your senior living facility’s scheduling.

Make Sharing Open Shifts Easy

We’ve all seen it. When it comes to those hard to fill open shifts, breakroom postings start appearing, those annoying group texts start going around, and phone calls start going out to a select few team members. 

This creates many issues. It causes frustration and confusion for all of those involved and takes entirely too much time to accomplish the task at hand. It can also lead to out of control overtime. 

Thankfully, there’s an easier and less messy way to share shifts. What if you could just mark a shift as open and send it out to the cell phones of those who are most qualified for it? Software like Instant Nurse makes that possible and even closes the shift once on the schedule once it has been accepted.

Offer Shifts to Your Lowest Cost Options First

Overtime is a budget buster. And while you want your team to have the opportunity to earn overtime, you also don’t want to kill your budget. Using a simple software tool to offer shifts to your lowest cost options first means your schedule is being built efficiently, your staff is being utilized properly, and your budget is kept in line.

Offer Flexibility

Whether you like it or not, your team has a life outside of work. Your scheduling workflow should make it easy for team members to swap shifts and fill shifts. In doing this you’ll greatly reduce the number of no shows, call offs, as well as turnover … all things that end up costing your facility money and contribute to poor facility culture.

While not every shift will work in a team member’s favor, be sure to communicate with them why that is. It’s always better to over communicate than to hold back and leave people wondering.

Need help with your senior living facility’s scheduling? We can help. Instant Nurse is an innovative software that’s affordably priced for small and medium sized senior living facilities. 


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