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An Overview of Residential Assisted Living Facilities

overview of residential assisted living facilities

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As people’s loved ones age, many times there comes a point where family members cannot provide the care or attention needed to ensure their mother, father, or sibling is kept safe. When that’s the case, they often turn to assisted living facilities or, if more skilled nursing is required, a nursing home. A new player in the field of caring for our aging population has begun to blossom in the last 10 years or so: residential assisted living facilities.

What is a residential assisted living facility?

Residential assisted living facilities are private homes located in neighborhoods. You might have one in yours and not even realize it. 

They offer private or shared rooms and residents are provided with personal care and meals from staff that’s available around the clock. 

Residential assisted living facilities are ideal for those who just need supervision and don’t require extensive nursing or medical care. They offer a warm, comforting family type environment and personalized care that most people want for their family members.

What are the amenities typically offered at a residential care facility?

The amenities offered at a residential assisted living will depend on who owns the facility and what their target residents need. Usually, you can expect the following:

  • Assistance with medicine
  • Transportation
  • Fresh meals
  • Help with toileting, bathing, dressing
  • Entertainment and activities
  • Socialization and community

Starting a Residential Assisted Living Facility

According to the US Census, about 20% of the population in 2050 will be aged 65 or over. The need for residential assisted living facilities is steadily increasing.

Starting a residential assisted living is a great way to meet a need in the community, give back, and earn a steady business.

Read our comprehensive guide on starting a residential assisted living facility.

Why We Love RAL Facilities

We love the residential assisted living model because it meets the needs of families in an intimate and personal manner. In fact, when we were designing our scheduling software for residential assisted living facilities we realized that one of the best things about these facilities is how personalized they are. It’s one reason our software is so customizable.

If you’re looking to start a RAL or have one (or several)  and need help choosing a software that will make operating it much easier, check out Instant Nurse. We can help ease scheduling headaches, cut overtime costs, and assist with team and family messaging.

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