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An Overview of Residential Assisted Living Facilities

overview of residential assisted living facilities

Read Our Definitive Guide to Starting a Residential Assisted Living Here As people’s loved ones age, many times there comes a point where family members cannot provide the care or attention needed to ensure their mother, father, or sibling is kept safe. When that’s the case, they often turn to assisted living facilities or, if…

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The Definitive Guide to Starting a Residential Assisted Living Facility

starting a residential assisted living facility

Residential assisted living facilities cater to the elderly and persons that cannot live independently. Though they have a setting similar to a retirement home, the RAL business model ensures they offer a wide range of options, levels of care, and diversity of services. RALs are not subject to federal regulatory oversight, and the type of…

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Scheduling Software Is A Must For Owners of Residential Care Homes

residential care

Within the Senior Living industry, the small residential assisted living model is rapidly growing. This model offers customized, personal, and one-on-one care to residents, as well as a more homey environment. Many of the individuals who own residential assisted living care facilities operate more than one and oftentimes staff is shared between facilities. Sharing staff…

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5 Ways To Reduce Nurse Burnout

nurse burnout

If there’s one thing nurses complain about, it’s burnout. In fact, a recent study suggested “one-third of all nurses in the U.S. report an emotional exhaustion score of 27 or higher, which is considered to be ‘high burnout.’” And it’s no wonder why. Nurses have a lot of responsibility.  When you’re running a nursing home…

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Emerging Trends in Nurse Scheduling Software

emerging trends

Nurse scheduling software has come a long way. Actually, healthcare in general has come a long way when it comes to using technology to better run senior care facilities. Not long ago paper and excel schedules were the norm. More and more administrators are now asking why they have to go through the veritable torture…

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Engaging Families at Your Nursing Home During The Pandemic

engaging families at nursing home during pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on more than just nursing homes and other healthcare facilities. Families have suffered alongside healthcare workers and the families members who call various healthcare communities home. Because of visitation policies excluding any family members from entering a facility (barring something serious like an end of life situation), family members…

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Navigating Scheduling In a Pandemic and Natural Disaster (Case Study)

rising waters case study

If 2020 can be summed up in one word it’d probably be “insane” or “unpredictable”. And that’s not wrong. If we’ve seen anything this year it’s not just that nearly everyone was unprepared for the pandemic, but also that some organizations were basically set up for failure. One thing we noticed was that most assisted…

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5 Ways to Support Your Nursing Home’s Frontline Workers

support frontline workers

Frontline workers have been given the spotlight in the past few months, and it’s no surprise as to why. The general public is starting to see what you’ve known all along: your frontline workers are amazing humans who put their own comfort and even lives on the line to take care of others.  With so…

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Choosing a Staff Scheduling Software for Nursing Homes

woman holding old person's hand in nursing home

Running a nursing home is a true labor of love. When you aren’t helping with new admissions, counseling families, and nurturing employees, you’ve got a plate full of all sorts of administrative duties. Scheduling is probably the one that causes you the most stress. After all, staff scheduling at nursing homes is notoriously time consuming.…

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Manage Your Senior Care Facility’s Overtime In 3 Steps

manage overtime

Overtime can kill your budget. But in an industry where employee turnover can be an issue and ensuring your schedule is fairly distributed, sometimes overtime is inevitable…or is it? Managing overtime at your senior care facility can do wonders for your budget and also help to improve employee morale and company culture.  But how do…

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