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3 Ways to Simplify Your Senior Living Facility’s Scheduling

If we’ve heard it once we’ve heard it a thousand times. Hands down one of the biggest time sucks that senior living leaders talk about is scheduling. From call-offs to out of control overtime to blocks of time that need to be filled, you can easily spend hours or days getting a schedule put together.…

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Instant Nurse Offering Support to Senior Living Facilities Facing Staffing Issues From COVID-19

senior care facilities staffing issues

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has caused a ripple effect across the nation. Restaurants and bars are closing for business. Sports have been canceled. Major universities have transitioned to online classes. Americans are being told to stay inside.  Instant Nurse has heard from numerous Senior Living leaders in the past week. They’ve shared their concern that employees are…

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How to Build Culture at Your Senior Living Facility

an elderly man and woman showing compassion

Culture. It might sound like a trendy buzzword, but the reality is that the culture of your senior care facility is the foundation on which everything else is built. Poor culture leads to unhappy employees, less than desirable care for your residents, and high turnover rate. Good culture, healthy culture that encourages communication, no matter…

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