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Choosing a Staff Scheduling Software for Nursing Homes

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Running a nursing home is a true labor of love. When you aren’t helping with new admissions, counseling families, and nurturing employees, you’ve got a plate full of all sorts of administrative duties. Scheduling is probably the one that causes you the most stress. After all, staff scheduling at nursing homes is notoriously time consuming.

Many nursing homes are still stuck using paper systems like Excel or Word documents. Maybe you have a system like this and it’s working ok. But ok isn’t good enough. In fact, you deserve better.

A staff scheduling software built for nursing homes is going to be your best option. 

How do you go about choosing a staff scheduling software for your nursing home? Finding a fit for your needs is absolutely crucial. This ensures you’re only paying for what you need and will use, none of the extras that come with some software.

Here are some things to keep in mind when researching software.


Your software should be flexible enough to adapt to your changing needs. Some facilities schedule around patient schedules, whereas others schedule based on the facility’s overall needs. If your software is flexible then you can build schedules as you need them.

You’ll also want a software that creates schedules  that can be cloned, that way you don’t have to build from scratch every time you create a new one.

Budget Friendly

Many small and medium sized nursing homes are looking for budget friendly scheduling software. Instant Nurse is the most affordable, yet robust option out. Our price includes set up and is charged monthly, without contracts.

Overtime Savings

One of the issues with paper scheduling is that it’s easy to exceed your overtime budget. You know how it is. You start scheduling people and everything looks good, then when you go to review you realize you accidentally scheduled your most expensive options.

Instant Nurse allows you to offer open shifts to your lowest cost options first, so that you save on overtime as shifts open up.

Feature Rich, But Not Too Rich

There are many scheduling softwares out there, but the reality is, most are full of features that you probably don’t need. When you choose a software that has a lot of features, you’ll often find yourself paying an arm and a leg for features you won’t even use. 

Instant Nurse offers you the scheduling and overtime management feature, as well as a staff messaging system that allows you to quickly send messages to your employee cell phones. It all the things you need to manage your schedule and build team morale, and none of the extras that cost a ton.

Integration Friendly

Most nursing homes already have processes in place for various business procedures. These might rely on software outside of the staff scheduling tool. Facilities are sometimes worried that adding in a scheduling software will throw off their existing tools. Be sure to look for something like Instant Nurse, which is integration friendly and won’t interrupt existing flows.

Why remain stuck in the stone age when you can enjoy the freedom that comes from having a staff scheduling software for your nursing home? You’ll save hours on creating your schedule and thousands on overtime. That means you have more time to spend nurturing employees and building relationships with

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