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Emerging Trends in Nurse Scheduling Software

emerging trends

Nurse scheduling software has come a long way. Actually, healthcare in general has come a long way when it comes to using technology to better run senior care facilities. Not long ago paper and excel schedules were the norm. More and more administrators are now asking why they have to go through the veritable torture of creating schedules that are messy, hard to read, and even harder to manage.

A slew of softwares designed to meet the needs of senior care facilities have come out, but most are overpriced and full of features that these organizations don’t need. When it comes to choosing a software for your senior living or residential assisted living facility, there are a few emerging trends that you should look for.


Not all facilities are the same. Any nurse scheduling software you use should be able to accommodate the various roles at your community (Nurses, MTs, CNAs, etc.) and be updated on a whim should someone leave or a new role be added.

Additionally, the new trend of smaller residential assisted living facilities means many organizations have multiple small facilities that share or rotate staff. Your scheduling tool should be able to work for one or more facilities and seamlessly integrate teams.

Instant Nurse was designed to meet these complex requirements and regularly works with organizations that start with one home and need to add another and even facilities with 3 or more homes.


The nurse scheduling software you choose should add value to your team. While it costs money to buy software, the return on investment (ROI) should be easy to see. Instant Nurse offers you the chance to instantly see a return on your investment because it offers features like overtime management. This means that you have the chance to offer open shifts to your lowest cost option first, so that your overtime cost isn’t out of control.


There are a lot of softwares out there that do a whole lot of things that you probably will never use. It’s like having a thoroughbred racehorse that you never run in a race. Or a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport (a really fast car) and never actually taking it to it’s top speed. 

Why pay for features you won’t use? 

It makes much more sense to choose an affordable software that offers the features you know you’ll use. Things like overtime management, one click scheduling, team messaging, and the ability to clone schedules make running your facility easier and save you time. They’re features that facilities are asking for and will use.

Ease of Use

You’re busy. You don’t have time to learn how to use complicated software. Today’s executive directors, directors of nursing, and facility owners are committed to patient care. They know easy scheduling helps to ensure great care, but they also don’t want to spend their time studying a software that takes forever to learn.

Any scheduling software you use should be super simple and have a support team that gets you set up quickly, offers superior training, and is there to from start to launch and even after should any questions come up.

The senior care industry is changing rapidly. Staying on top of emerging trends in things like scheduling software will equip you to also stay on top of how your facility is run. Utilizing a modernized approach to how your facility is operated will help to save money, improve efficiency, and keep employees and your residents happy.

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