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Navigating Scheduling In a Pandemic and Natural Disaster (Case Study)

rising waters case study

If 2020 can be summed up in one word it’d probably be “insane” or “unpredictable”. And that’s not wrong. If we’ve seen anything this year it’s not just that nearly everyone was unprepared for the pandemic, but also that some organizations were basically set up for failure.

One thing we noticed was that most assisted living and long-term care facilities were woefully unprepared to handle the influx of sick residents and employees, and even more unprepared for the scheduling and communication issues that were bound to crop up as a result of these problems.

Instant Nurse is a scheduling software designed for healthcare communities. In this case study we look at how our software was used to overcome scheduling challenges not just during the pandemic, but also during some of the worst flooding in Michigan history.

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