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Scheduling Software Is A Must For Owners of Residential Care Homes

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Within the Senior Living industry, the small residential assisted living model is rapidly growing. This model offers customized, personal, and one-on-one care to residents, as well as a more homey environment. Many of the individuals who own residential assisted living care facilities operate more than one and oftentimes staff is shared between facilities.

Sharing staff is a great way to ensure every facility has the perfect amount of team members to operate, but it can be complicated if you’re still relying on paper or excel schedules. If you have more than one senior care facility to manage, the best way to ensure everything is running smoothly is to invest in a nurse scheduling software.

When you’re shopping for the best solution, it’s important that you look for an option that is both affordable and flexible. 

Benefits of Scheduling Software For Multiple Location Facilities

There’s a wide range of benefits your facility stands to reap rewards from when you choose to use a scheduling software.

Ease of Use

Quickly and easily create schedules based on your needs. The ideal scheduling software will allow you to clone schedules and quickly swap shifts should the need arise.  Also, the ability to instantly produce a custom, organized, easy-to-read upcoming schedule with the click of a button is critical in the fast paced world of senior living.

Save Money

Your scheduling software should offer nearly instant ROI. One of the ways this is accomplished is by drastically cutting overtime costs. Instant Nurse makes this easy by allowing you to offer open shifts to your lowest cost option first. If the shift isn’t accepted, then you can move on to individuals who might qualify for overtime if they accept the shift.

Save Time

How many times have you sat at your desk for hours on end trying to coordinate people’s time off requests and shift swaps? More often than not you probably get to the end only to have someone come in at the very last minute and make an additional request.

Scheduling software will save you time because it’s all done online. You see everything in front of you and can move individuals between locations with ease.

Communicate With The Team

When you’ve got multiple locations to manage, communication becomes more important than ever. The right software will accommodate communication regarding scheduling and will also allow you to message all or some of your team members to make announcements, share big news, and encourage the team with a positive word or accolades.

When it comes to choosing a scheduling software for multiple homes, it’s important that you look for an option that allows you to implement processes and procedures that make life easier. Your organization should grow and thrive from the software’s implementation.

Instant Nurse is the leading scheduling software for facilities with multiple locations and is dedicated to helping senior care organizations take back their time, save on overtime, and better serve their residents.

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