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Is creating your senior living facility's schedule taking too much time?

We Can Help

"Scheduling is my least favorite part of the job."

"Creating a schedule is stressful for me and my team."

"Overtime is killing my budget."

"Honestly, sometimes I just want to cry when I'm putting together our facility's schedule"

We've heard it all. And we don't blame you. How many times have you found yourself trying to get your schedule put together, feel like you're almost there, and then suddenly have a team member of your facility request to swap shifts?


It feels like an uphill battle.

Instant Nurse was designed to exclusively meet the needs of senior living facilities. We are the direct result of countless conversations with senior living facility administrators and directors.

Our software is an intuitive, all-in-one tool that  makes scheduling easy. Levels up your team communication through messaging. And can save you thousands on overtime.

Ready to start saving time and money? Reclaim your work week with Instant Nurse.


Ready to take control of your scheduling?

Schedule a quick 10-minute demo now.

Instant Nurse saves me thousands on overtime and ensures my shifts are shared in a fair and equitable way.

I used to think I was saving money by just using a Word doc to manage my schedule. Instant Nurse has opened my eyes and helped tighten my budget.

You can't afford to say no to this software. It will change the way you create schedules forever.

Schedule a Quick Demo

10 minutes could save you thousands on overtime!

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