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Other scheduling systems can be expensive … involving integrations, approvals, downloads, or other red tape.  Not Instant Nurse. Our Online Scheduling Calendar is an affordable tool that’s ready to start helping your Senior Living Facility right away!


Step 1


$0 Due Today!

Start your free trial of the Online Scheduling Calendar and see for yourself how easy managing the schedule can be.

Online Scheduling Calendar

$159.99 per month
  • Built-in parameters to help reduce overtime expenses
  • Share open shifts directly to select staff cell phones
  • Automatic close-out on the schedule once a shift is accepted
  • Fully customized Online Scheduling Calendar
  • Instantly click and assign shifts to staff members
  • Easily manage swaps, call-outs, and vacation days
  • Duplicate your core schedule to build future schedules in minutes
  • Share announcements with select employee groups or the entire staff
  • Fully customizable for alternative shift times and needs
  • Pay $0 to start and pay only after a full month of testing out the platform


Step 2: The Kickoff Call

Schedule a brief implementation call on your calendar.  We’ll ask you a few questions, then create a custom look and feel for your building.  Your shift times, Your shift needs, Your team!


Step 3: Start Scheduling With Ease!

Log-in to your Online Scheduling Calendar.  You are ready to start quickly creating cost-effective staff schedules right away!  We’ll also provide the ongoing training and support needed to help you along the way.

What People Are Saying

"It’s so difficult to find and retain good schedulers and staff. I need simple solutions like this that help them be more efficient and make their work more enjoyable.” ~ Jennifer T.

"Adding a basic online program that helps us schedule smarter and chip away at overtime spending is a no-brainer for my building" ~ Angela C.

"...just having the ability to instantly send out my open shifts for the week to the right folks and have it all show up on the schedule is priceless!" ~ Raymond C.


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