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1 Year Scheduling Calendar Subscription For Facilities With More Than 20 Beds

$1,760.00 / year with a 30-day free trial

Pay $0 today to start. Pay $0 for set up. Only pay on the 31st day of successfully using the platform. Find out what’s included with every Instant Nurse experience.

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No long-term commitments… No confusing plan options. Here’s what’s included with every Instant Nurse experience:

– Fully customized Online Scheduling Calendar
– Instantly click and assign shifts to staff members
– Easily manage swaps, call-outs, and vacation days
– Share open shifts directly to select staff cell phones
– Automatic close-out on the schedule once a shift is accepted
– Duplicate your core schedule to build future schedules in minutes
– Built-in parameters to help reduce overtime expenses
– Share announcements with select employee groups or the entire staff
– Fully customizable for alternative shift times and needs
– Ability to add and manage schedules for non-clinical staff
– Easily add and remove staff or make other calendar changes
– Share upcoming facility or individual schedules
– Store past schedules for reference or audit purposes
– Unlimited training and support

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